Perhaps it’s not a good idea to ware a wig on the beach.

As you know, if the weather is very hot, you will sweatiness and feel uncomfortable.

So no more beach if I wear a wig?

No No No, we just need to do some protection.

Let’s go.

1. Avoid wearing wigs to dive into the water.

2. Using an old wig to replace the favorite one.

3. IMPORTANT! Using conditioner before beach time.

4. Using Water-proof Glue to protect.

5. Trying the double-sided tape, it’s typically waterproof and medical-grade.

6. Using Beach Braids to prevent dislodging of the wig, and it can keep the hairstyle all day.

Other Alternatives For Wigs

Without wearing your wig at the beach, you also have several options, such as sunhat, fedora, swim scarf, buff head wrap, etc.

Hope these tips can help you feel free at the beach. 

Enjoy your time!