Nowadays, we have kinds of wigs in different colors and styles, so that will be faster and easier for us to trying new things without any damages to our natural hairs. Once you get a color to fit you and your personality, you will be able to boost your level of confidence.


But do you have any experiences like this? After finish dyeing hair color at hair salon, you found it is completely not suitable for you. Thats really a terrible thing, isnt it?


After doing some research, the reason partly can lie in the Skin Color.

There is a clever way to distinguish your skin tones:

Looking at the veins on the insides of your arm, if you find its green color, then your skin maybe is warm-toned, or if it looks more blue, your skin is likely to be cool tone. If you can't easily tell its more blue or green, there is a third answer, your skin is seems to be neutral.

Using skin tone, eyebrow color and eye color choosing a hair color is easier for each of you.


If you skin tone is Warm-toned, you can try golden, rich brown and redder colors. You will be a little disappointed if you dye your hair black or light blonde. Rich gold highlights, blue and purple are often attractive choices among people with warm-toned.


If your skin is Cool-toned, then choose bold brown, dark red or blond shades to balance. Of course, if you want more brilliant color, you can choose pinks, oranges and yellows. Black hair sometimes is a good choice, because its the truly light hair colors. By the way, ladies above 35 years old should not try hair too dark because it may age their faces. If you choose the right hair color, it can help you look more youthful.


You will be more happy to discover the magic world of wigs with so many colors choices.

When selecting a hair color, kindly use the advantages of your skin tones/eye color/eyebrow color to get a whole new yourself.

If you are happen to look for ombre Colors, we also supply Ombre Wigs at Jada Hair.

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